Smooth riding and great self talk

This was just too fun. As I regain confidence in the rocks, I look at a section, analyze it as much as I feel I must, then make a decision.

Sometimes the decision is No, and that’s fine.

This time is was Yes, and it was exquisite.

The angle changes are slight, so the row/anti-row is subtle, but it’s there. Watch me work through the turns and the setup rocks, then issue a nice little row in the last pocket before the lip.

You’ll see my push my feet down and pull my hands back. This rowing motion levers the bike into the air. Then I anti-row across the edge and continue my wonderful day.

I can’t conceive of executing something this precise and subtle without a LOT of pump track or RipRow work. You gotta have the pattern before you can use it.

What do y’all think?


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