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RideLogic™ / Lee Likes Bikes free samples

Hi there!

Welcome to the free samples page for the Lee Likes Bikes MTB School. I hope you enjoy these lessons and resources.

The lessons with links are available with a free trial membership. The lessons without links require paid memberships.


Have fun!

RideLogic™ bike setup system
Become one with your bike: About the RideLogic™ bike setup system
Transcend the conventional wisdom about cockpit setup
Calculate your ideal handlebar width
The key to RideLogic™: Get RAD then RAAD
Handlebar <> saddle position: Should your grips be even with, above or below your saddle?
Plus: dialing in your current bike, choosing the perfect bike for you, and way more …

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills v3 video bonus
Thanks for reading the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills v3. This page shows videos for some of the key skills.
Show me the kung fu >>>

Riding positions
Use your hips!
Triangle of Awesome
Off the bike: Master this movement
3 essential positions: off/on the bike
The overall mission
The low “attack” or hinged position
The extended power position
Don’t lean forward or back!
Lock your core

Essential braking
Heavy braking
Advanced: Hop to heavy braking

Pedaling posture
Seated pedaling
Standing pedaling
Pedaling ovals (about oval chainrings)

Cornering overview
Cornering step 1: lean the bike
Cornering step 2: load the bike
Cornering step 3: drive your hips
Foot down or feet level?
A tale of two angles

Riding up things 
Pedaling up a hill
Pedaling up a steep slope
Pedaling up a steep ledge
Dynamic traction for loose climbs

Riding down things 
Intro: This is simpler than you think
Riding down a hill
Rolling down a ledge
Flying off a drop (advanced)
Wheelie drop (advanced)
Big drop with a lip (advanced)

Pumping bumps 
What is pumping?
Pumping step 1: arms
   See Pull-push
Pumping step 2: legs
Pumping step 3: arms and legs
Pumping step 4: ellipses of love (advanced)

Pumping corners (advanced) 
A corner … is a sideways hole
Pumping berms
Pumping flat turns
Scalloping turns
Slalom drill
Hopping between turns New

Riding over things:
kung fu master style
Intro: an easier way to learn (public)
Pull-push: better than a manual
   See Pumping step 1: arms
Kung fu power wheelie: upward!
Real bunny hop: simple and powerful
> Hopping higher: adding pop to your hops
Pump manual: dead sexy
Pump-manual hop: BMX badass

Read this before you jump
Essential jumping technique
Step-ups and step-downs
Flying high vs. staying low
When good jumps go bad
Jumping: another perspective


This Grand Unified Theory of Shred integrates bike setup, body position and the row/anti-row cycle to dynamically lock you within your bike for ultimate power and control. Light Hands/Heavy Feet has been a useful model. This is next level.

Make your bike match your body
Make your body match your bike
Row and anti-row everywhere
Lock yourself inside your bike

Next-level pumping
At this level we’re rowing, anti-rowing, cornering, pumping, hopping and jumping on a perpetual wave of awesomeness. Start here:

Next-level pumping

Ride With Flow (Capital F)
See better to go faster
Don’t look. See.
Pick great lines
Match your line and speed to your skills
Find a state of Flow
Hack your flow state
Trigger yourself into peak performance by Dr. Jason Richardson


What is a switchback?
Why are switchbacks so hard?
Learn these skills before you ride switchbacks
Essential switchback tips
Awesome switchback drills (L1)
Plus more!

Suggestions or questions? Email [email protected].

This page is just the tip of the MTB iceberg. You’ll ride much better and have more fun with a full LLBMTB membership.


6 replies
  1. mjaynz
    mjaynz says:

    Hey Lee, just wondering, is unweighting and weighting the same as pumping? Hopefully not a silly question! Ha!

    • Lee McCormack
      Lee McCormack says:

      Depending on your device, you might need to download the ebook PDF to your device, then copy the video URLs, then paste them into a browser.

  2. Lee McCormack
    Lee McCormack says:


    Thanks for reaching out.

    The new edition of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills contains a ton of info, and you can curl up with it on your couch. It is not included with an LLBMTB membership, but you can order it here:

    MMBS3 is the Bible of MTB technique, but this site is way better. 1) It contains more info. 2) It’s kept current. 3) It has videos (writing about riding is like dancing about architecture). 4) We can interact like this and on our Facebook group:

    You know I have an agenda, but I think a full membership on this site is the best deal in mountain biking. Since you took a class, you have a discount code.

    PLUS: Since you’re local, we can do private classes any time you like.

  3. Mpaine
    Mpaine says:

    I love your book, and Boulder classes, but I’m not super jazzed about online/computer based learning.
    Will I be well served buying your books on training, or are those part of the complete online membership? Or should I use both to keep up with changes. etc?
    I want a robust winter, and then, spring followup training regimen.


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