Make your bike match your body

The bike setup section of this site contains all the details you need. Briefly:

Put your saddle wherever you need for comfortable pedaling. Here are some tips.

When it comes to shredding — generating peak torque and having complete control of your bike — the most important relationship is the one between your hands and feet. Unlike the classic fit methodologies, the RideLogic™ system positions your handlebars independently from your saddle. Independently.

When you jump well, you actively manage the lever between your hands and feet. The more closely that lever matches your body, the better you can jump. 


Get RAD. The Rider Area Distance (RAD) is the imaginary line between your bottom bracket and the centers of your grips. Basically, your ideal RAD lets you achieve full hip extension with your shoulders packed and arms perfectly straight. This is just like a deadlift. It allows you to access your full potential strength, and it gives you great range of motion for turning, braking, steeps, etc. Read more about RAD.

Rider Area Distance (RAD)

Then get RAAD. The Rider Area Angle in Degrees (RAAD) is the angle of your RAD compared with level. The more XC/road your bike is, the lower the RAAD. The more downhill/motocross your bike is, the higher the RAAD. Read more about RAAD.

Rider Area Angle in Degrees (RAAD)


If your bike is the correct size and your RAD is dialed, your RAAD will be fine, and your bike will feel great.

Find your ideal handlebar width. Your ideal handlebar width fits your body — not the kind of bike you ride or the decade in which you’re riding. It provides a good balance of pulling and pushing strength. It gives you plenty of arm range for bike handling. It helps you do the big work with the big muscles in your torso, rather than the small muscles in your shoulders. And it helps you get more decades out of your shoulders. Calculate your ideal handlebar width here.

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