Pumping bumps

At its most basic form, pumping is the deliberate act of getting light on the fronts of bumps and heavy on the backs of bumps. This reduces impacts and generates speed.

At the highest level — which is where we’re going — pumping is a fully integrated, wavelike movement that allows you to generate massive speed, traction and power. After you’ve dialed in the fundamental pumping movement, you’ll use the same skill for hopping, manualing, jumping and even sprinting. This is the A1 key to Riding at the highest levels.

What is pumping?
Pumping step 1: arms >>>
Pumping step 2: legs >>>
Pumping step 3: arms and legs >>>
Pumping step 4: ellipses of love (advanced) >>>
Out of phase >>> 

Wave theory: reading, creating and surfing shapes >>> NEW

Aaron Gwin wins a world cup downhill without a chain! This is a master class in pumping skills.

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    • Lee McCormack
      Lee McCormack says:


      I have to think that video had a positive impact on DH in general, and that allowing it to exist would have been helpful to the UCI.

      Oh well. I posted another version.


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