As much time as we mountain bikers spend pedaling, it amazes me how little attention we pay to pedaling well.

Pedaling is a skill, just like cornering or pumping.

The more skillful you become, the more power you can make with less effort.

Since I began focusing on pedaling as a skill (around six years ago when my kids were born and my training became structured), my sustainable power is up 50 percent and my sprint is up almost 80 percent.

These tips really work! And they set the foundation for more advanced pedaling skills like technical climbs and wheelie drops.

Pedaling posture >>>
Seated pedaling >>>
Standing pedaling >>>
Sprinting >>>

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    JWBOOK says:

    This is all so helpful! Thanks for creating this on line school. It’s helping me as a mountain biker and a NICA coach. I love how you break everything down for us.

  2. mack_turtle
    mack_turtle says:

    regarding general pedaling technique: I have been riding flat pedals for the past few months and I think I’m a convert. Any tips for pedaling with your feet not clipped to the pedal?


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