Riding skills

Hi and welcome!

You can learn these lessons in any order, but we suggest starting at the top and working your way down.

The fundamental skills underly all great riding. As you master position, braking, cornering, riding up things, riding down things and pumping bumps, it’s a series of simple steps to more advanced skills.

OK! Let’s get started:

Riding over things:
kung fu master style

Intro: the ultimate way to learn and ride (public)
Pull-push: simpler and more adaptable than the old school manual
Nose bonk to hop progression NEW
Real bunny hop: smooth, balanced and powerful
Hopping higher: adding pop to your hops
Pump manual: dead sexy when done right
Pump-manual hop: a big bite of BMX badassery
Kung fu power wheelie: the pro way to get up steep faces


This Grand Unified Theory of Shred integrates bike setup, body position and the row/anti-row cycle to dynamically lock you within your bike for ultimate power and control. Light Hands/Heavy Feet has been a useful model. This is next level.

Make your bike match your body
Make your body match your bike
Row and anti-row everywhere
Lock yourself inside your bike
Ellipses of Love NEW

Next-level pumping
At this level we’re rowing, anti-rowing, cornering, pumping, hopping and jumping on a perpetual wave of awesomeness. I’m excited to flesh out this section. To start, check out Next-level pumping.