Hi and welcome to this Lee Likes Bikes mini mountain bike class.

I’ve published this so I can get the Good Stuff — the stuff we teach in person — to more people. If you’re taking classes with an LLB coach, this will serve as awesome preparation and a handy reminder. If you’re working on your own, you can use this lesson as your own personal self-paced teacher — and you can get remote feedback from an LLB coach.

Goals for this mini class

Teach you the core skills that underly all great riding. If you plug them into your current style, you’ll see huge improvements in control, smoothness and speed.

Build the foundation for more advanced skills. In the LLB Teaching Method we don’t teach one set of skills then throw them away when you get more advanced. We start with a universal set of movements. As they become ingrained, you simply execute them with more power and combine them in interesting ways.

Be as simple and efficient as possible, while giving you great information. Each of these subjects can be explored in way more depth. For now we’ll focus on the essentials.

Take it one step at a time. Email [email protected] if you want help. Have fun!