RideLogic Dynamic MTB Fit

Ride your mountain bike with more comfort, safety and speed on all terrain with the world’s only system that fits riders for technical mountain biking trails, tracks and parks.

  • Climb with more power.
  • Corner with more control.
  • Brake with more confidence.
  • Pump with more power.
  • Descend with more smoothness.
  • Fly higher and farther — and land safe too!
  • Eliminate pain in your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips and and back.
  • Stop worrying and wondering about your frame size and every detail of your bars and stem.
  • Enjoy the true value of your expensive bike — you can only ride it as well as it fits you.
  • Crash less!

RideLogic comes from the polymath nerd brain of Lee McCormack from Lee Likes Bikes. Lee has taught more than 11,000 people in person how to ride better. He’s trained 1,500 coaches in person how to ride and coach youth athletes better. His online MTB school has helped thousands of people worldwide ride better. He’s written thousands of articles and 11 books in 10 languages worldwide. He appears on podcasts and videos with millions of views. He is, quite simply, the Obi Nerd Kenobi of the mountain bike world. His contributions to bike fit, riding technique, training and his RipRow training tool have helped millions of riders world wide.

Use RideLogic to set up your current bike and, even better, select your perfect next bike before you spend $thousands and never feel great on your fancy toy.

Current industry trends are making bikes longer, but people have stayed the same. Most riders are sold bikes that are too big. How can you your bike is too big for you?

  • It’s harder to turn, hop and do fun things.
  • You feel like the bike is riding you.
  • You feel like you’re not strong enough to make the bike do what you want.
  • You feel new pain in your body.
  • And you crash more.

If you are 5’8″ tall or shorter, and you’re on a modern trail or enduro bike, it’s an almost certainty that your bike is too long for you. The bike industry has left average-to-shorter riders behind.

Don’t trust the size charts

When you go to a bike company’s website, all you’re given is the classic rider height/bike size chart. Five foot four to five foot seven is a small, and so on. The issue is this:

Over the years bikes have gotten longer as the industry follows the “longer is better” trend. When I say longer, I mean the frame reach. That’s the horizontal distance from the frame’s bottom bracket to the top of the head tube. This number determines how short your cockpit can be, and it’s the 0nly number to look at when assessing frame size.

When I say bikes have gotten longer, I mean it literally. For example, here are the reach numbers for the 2013 and 2023 Santa Cruz Nomad. The 2023 size small is longer than the 2013 size XL. And the size charts for 2013 and 2023 both say size small is for riders 5’1″ to 5’5″. How can that be true?

The RideLogic difference

There are plenty of bike fit systems out there, but they are all based on a static position for pedaling in the saddle. If you need help positioning your saddle, especially for a medical issue, these systems can be very helpful. The issue is, these systems ignore the requirements of dynamic mountain biking. In many cases the “perfect” fit in the lab works against you when it comes to actual fun riding on technical trails.

The lasers and computers might be impressive, but a classic static bike fit does not improve your off-road riding. As a matter of fact, the advice I received from Retül made my bike handle worse:

The RideLogic system is optimized for dynamic — aka fun, safe and flowy — mountain biking.

The RideLogic system is simple, logical and proven by bike designers, physicists, engineers and biomechanical experts — and thousands of riders like you. It will help you choose and dial in your

  • Frame style and size
  • Stem length and rise
  • Handlebar rise and sweep
  • How many spacers to put under your stem
  • Handlebar width
  • Saddle position
  • Crank length

When your bike fits perfectly per the RideLogic method, magic happens. Everything feels easier, and you see new possibilites. Often, Lee’s students tell him they love some old bike from college. It’s not fancy but they’ve always loved it and still ride it often. Almost every time, that bike just happens to fit according to RideLogic logic. You can’t know how great a bike feels until you feel a perfect fit. After that, there’s no going back.

Stop guessing and wasting money. Start having even more fun on your rides!

We offer several ways to get dialed with RideLogic:

Dialed: The secret math of a perfect mountain bike setup

This $25 ebook and $35 print book lays out the RideLogic bike setup system in fine detail.

It includes a code for a free month then a discounted rate at the Lee Likes Bikes MTB School, where you’ll use the live bike-fit calculators.

Lee Likes Bikes MTB School

This member site ($19 per month or $199 per year) providers the complete RideLogic bike fit method including the live calculators that let you model every detail of your new bike before you spend your money.

It also contains the world’s most logical and useful system for developing your riding skills, fitness and mindset. The Lee Likes Bikes MTB School helps thousands of riders worldwide ride better and more joyfully.

Learn more >>>

1:1 Mountain Bike Fit Consultations

Work directly with Lee online to pick your perfect next bike or dial in the bike you already have.

This is money very well spent. You’ll save a lot of time and stress, and you’ll buy knowing the bike or parts are what you need.

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