Behold my race bike for masters DH worlds!

This is so rad. My old friend (and first coaching client) Curtis Keene became one of the world’s top downhil and enduro racers, and now he’s my contact at Specialized. 20 years ago he said he wanted to become a professional mountain biker. “Me too!” I said, and well here were are.

Curtis is helping me with a 2023 Specialized Demo Race. This is only one of the baddest downhill bikes in the world, as proven by World Cup wins and hella sick shreddits (if I’m gonna race DH I gotta talk the talk!). 200mm of travel front and rear. Ohlins goodness. Mullet wheels.

Since the race is in May and I have never ridden a modern DH bike, I need to be clever about getting time on this bad boy.

My plan is to install an electronic dropper post and wide-ratio gears … and make this my primary bike for coaching and riding all winter. Why should an enduro bike have a max of 180mm travel? The stock bike is 38 pounds .. my Enduro Coil was 37 pounds at 160mm travel, so I think I can get past the weight.

What do y’all think??


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    • Lee McCormack
      Lee McCormack says:

      Those are so good! I have the 120mm RFX36 on my Fuse.

      I rode the Demo yesterday. OMG it’s so good out of the box. I’ve not hit our local black flow line since the surgeries — afraid. Yesterday I PRed it!!


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