A sweet way to finish a turn

Good Day Friends!

A nose pivot to finish a turn looks epic, but it is extremely tricky and can lead to horrific crashes. This you might know already.

Around here we believe in first principles and an elegant, safe riding style.

Notice the little rear-wheel kick-out I do after the rocks. It easily finishes the turn, gets me a little pump and sets me up for the next section.

1. The bottom bracket of that Stumpy is just behind the middle of the bike. When I press down into my feet, the whole bike gets heavy, but the rear wheel gets heavier than the front.

2. As I lay into that right turn, I press extra hard into my feet then let that pressure release. Because the rear wheel was extra heavy, it now gets extra light — and it comes off the ground.

3. Because I’m applying torsional force to the bike, when the rear wheel leaves the ground it swings around.

4. Not only do I finish the turn emphatically, I also get some propulsion when the rear wheel lands in the little hole.

Fun! What do you think? What questions do you have?


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