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Riding positions

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When you’re on your bike, where are you? And how is your body arranged?

This is the most important aspect of riding technique. If you’re balanced and have great alignment, you have tons of control and power. If you’re too far forward or back, and your butt is too far forward, or your shoulders are too high, riding will be a constant, sketchy struggle.

Most of you have no idea how wrong your current positions are. The good news: Riding is about about get way radder.

Use your hips! >>>
Triangle of Awesome >>>
Off the bike: Master this movement >>>
3 essential positions: off and on the bike >>> 

The overall mission >>>
The low “attack” or hinged position >>>
The extended power position >>>
Don’t lean forward or back! >>>
Lock your core >>> 


You are here: Home > Riding skills >

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  1. Windsong
    Windsong says:

    Hi there Lee,

    I wanted to take a moment to share with you that a week ago I joined your online school and have been soaking in your advice. I am quite surprised at how much my riding has improved in such a short time! This Saturday I went for a ride on the usual trails here in Sedona and to my amazement I was able to clear sections that I could never ride in the past and I was able to ride longer, faster and safer without getting all beat up. I will definitely keep practicing the techniques you teach and am very much looking forward to the results!

  2. says:


    That is great! Keep having fun. I’ve written a ton of new content, and I’ll post it as soon as I can create the images.



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