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Riding down things

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One of the greatest things about mountain biking — and one of the scariest things for beginners — is riding your bike down all sorts of things: steep slopes, vertical ledges and even big drops.

The way we teach it, you use the same basic technique when you’re coasting down a hill, rolling down a ledge of flying off a monster drop. The only differences are the angle of your bike and the amount of sky between your tires and the ground.

Intro: this is simpler than you think >>>
Coasting down a hill >>>
Rolling down a ledge >>>
Flying off a drop (advanced) >>>
Wheelie drop (advanced) >>>
Big drop with a lip (advanced) >>>

Elliott Hoover with perfect form on a big drop — on a hardtail! — at Pawnee National Grasslands in CO. He’s using the same fundamental skills you’ll use when you ride off a curb. 

You are here: Home > Riding skills >

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