Jumping: Another perspective

This video from Phil Kmetz has some good info.

  • Instead of his “pop/scoop/shove” I teach a simpler “row/anti-row.”
  • His idea of “backward pressure on the bars while leaning back into your feet” ties to rowing, but be careful not to shift your weight behind your bottom bracket. If you hit a jump with your weight back, you can get catapulted over the bars.

What do y’all think?

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  1. Gavrilo
    Gavrilo says:

    I always felt that insecurity in poping the front wheel in terms of pop it too much when I want to jump higher. Than I tried to learn old school manual for more control when my butt is leaned back. All in all I felt more safe when I’m somewhere around center of the bike, naturally some instict (and some practicing of your kung fu) is putting me there. I am new in jumping just because the insecurity feeling, need to play guitar not to crash my bones, so I want to find the best and most logical, natural and safe way for doing it.

  2. lee@leelikesbikes.com
    lee@leelikesbikes.com says:

    I believe my approach is the simplest, easiest to learn, most logical and the safest. Start with the pumping lessons, learn how to hop well, get good at drops then take those skills to jumps.

    Sometimes a highly skilled rider like Phil advocates techniques (like leaning back when jumping) that can be dangerous for regular people.

  3. baseballhack
    baseballhack says:

    I like the Skills with Phill videos. After reading all of the info that you have on LLMB I love the terminology and physiology you utilize in your instruction. It is far easier for me to comprehend row/antirow as opposed to what other call “shifting your weight”. It makes much more sense in my mind anyway that all are weight is meant to be at the bottom bracket! As long as we have that I can change the angle of my bike at will while still being safe. I think combining your terminology with videos such as these are a good complement to each other.

  4. lee@leelikesbikes.com
    lee@leelikesbikes.com says:

    Thanks baseballhack.

    When I get time/budget I’m really excited to make a series of higher end videos.


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